Devo reagire !

Devo reagire !!!

E’ vero che mi sembra di aver buttato via 20 anni di vita, ma….devo reagire !!

E’ vero che mi sento un verme per quello che e’ successo, ma….devo reagire !!

E’ vero che sto’ male perche’ ho fatto del male , ma….devo reagire !!


Ma la reazione non mi parte proprio…dove e’ il catalizzatore delle emozioni ??

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  1. Life is short…ultimately you should do what it is that makes you happy.

    Sometimes this is not always the easiest path to follow….but the destination is worth the journey along the way.

    But remember we are all human….we all make mistakes in life….it does no good to beat yourself up about mistakes in the past….it is better just to learn from these lessons of life and look to the future.

    I hope you find what it is you are looking for.

    Best Wishes

  2. I hope so too!

    I can understand perfectly your sentiment and feelings…..I threw away 8 years …so it is a journey I already made in my life a long time ago.

    Right now for you maybe it is difficult to see what is the right decision and the right path ahead because of the emotions….it will come to you in time. Part of that journey is to understand about yourself what it is that will make you happy and what you want from life – and then understand how to achieve it.

    In the meantime….don’t forget friends are there to share with you the bad times as well as the good ones!

    Take care x

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